Monday, April 27, 2009

Statements from Galia, an autistic Israeli girl (2001/02)

Soon everything is going to change very quickly: physicality, materiality, and spirituality.
Everything will be moving: mountains, seas, people, armies, soldiers...
Very soon the expected redemption of the Jewish people will occur!"

"Very soon the Temple Mount will be purified and cleansed from all its terrible impurity and abominations. They will collapse, and be swallowed in the ground, and will be wiped away forever.
We will then be able to prepare for building the B
ais HaMikdosh, which will be built very soon, G-d willing."

"All Jews will return to their Father in heaven, because there will be many hardships...but there will also be great miracles and wonders.

Everyone will openly see, that only the Holy One, blessed be He, runs His world, and no one else."

"The Baalei Tshuva movement (Jews returning to religious observance) is impossible to stop, it will continuously grow stronger, like a flowing wellspring, with G-d's help.

A great bounty will descend to Israel, and to the entire world, very soon."
"The climax will be, when the nations will make war over Jerusalem. The Holy One, blessed be He, will then strike them with a great force, in response to all their evil deeds and wicked actions, against Israel throughout the generations."

"Many nations will be lost and collapse, as things gets stormier in Israel, and in the world."

"There can be no peace with the Arabs, and there will not be. Their time to control our Holy Land is ending, and very soon the fear of Hashem will fall on them.
They will have a great fear of Israel, and will understand that Hashem is fighting for us. This is the end of the time, granted to Yishmael to rule.
Like a wounded wild beast, he will try with all his might to rise up, but very soon he will fall, and be wiped out from the earth."

"Everything will occur very quickly, the entire Temple Mount will be destroyed, along with her population of foreigners, who defile her with their abominations.

They will collapse as though they never existed, and will be swallowed by the earth and wiped out forever.
The entire Temple Mount will be then be cleansed, in preparation for the building of the Bais Hamikdash."

"Many things will collapse like houses of cards -- buildings, cities, armies.
Everything is ready to take place."

"The war of Gog and Magog is at the door, a giant war very soon. In this war, all the giants will fall, all the impure powers will collapse, and all the mighty ones will be defeated.
The redemption is already at the door, prepare yourselves, for there will be great miracles and wonders; that the eye has never seen, and the ear has never heard."

"All those who fear Hashem will be in one camp, and the rest in another; On one side Kedusha (holiness), and in the other tuma (impurity).
Very soon the side of Kedusha will be victorious, and the entire camp of tuma, and the worshipers of impurity, will be wiped away."
"A pillar of fire will be seen rising from the Earth for 40 days. It will be seen by all the nations of the world. And at that time Moshiach will be awakened, and come out from Gan Eden!
From that day on, the Holy One will perform all the signs and great miracles, that He did in Egypt."

"Don't be afraid of anything because “the time of your redemption has arrived”. It will not be flesh and blood fighting for the Jewish people, but Hashem Himself, and the power of Heaven.
Soon we will see many miracles."
We will see how all the Arabs will fall who surround us, and want to swallow us alive. The fear of Hashem and Israel will fall on them.

"We will all see, that Hashem will fight for us, until all our enemies will be wiped out."

"Jerusalem will be the safest place in the world, as will all of the land of Israel."

"Whoever is from the Erev Rav (mixed multitude), will simply flee from the land of Israel, to save themselves. They will run to the lands of the nations, to whom they are truly connected.
It will be a sure sign, that anyone who leaves Israel in these difficult times, are from the Erev Rav."
"The redemption is very close, thank G-d; the redemption is already at the door. Very soon our righteous Moshiach will be revealed, G-d-willing.

In heaven there is already a great preparation, for the receiving of Moshiach."