Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In 1985 The Rebbe Predicts the Fall of Russia in 1989- 4 yrs before.

In 1985, the Rebbe conveyed to his Chassidim in Russia—those running his underground network of religious institutions—that the worst was now over.

In early 1987 he instructed his Chassidim in the Holy Land, to build a housing settlement, and set in place employment opportunities for the floods of Russian Jews, who would soon arrive.

In September of 1989, the Rebbe declared the upcoming Jewish year 5750, “The Year of Miracles,” predicting miraculous things to come. Just a few weeks later, the face of Europe underwent a drastic, and sudden change.

One after the other the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe collapsed, felled not by guns and bombs, but by peaceful demonstrations in city squares, in which the people simply declared their demand for freedom.
Professor Herman Branover, a noted Soviet émigré and scientist, relates of a conversation he had with President Gorbachev, during the latter’s visit to Israel several years later.

When he told Gorbachev of the Rebbe’s instructions, to prepare housing for the influx of Soviet Jewry. The president was shocked. “I myself,” he said “had not yet come to the decision, to initiate these changes.
The underlying miracle, and one which the Rebbe mentioned time and again; was the peaceful nature of these radical changes.

We need not look past the second world war, he said on one occasion, to see the devastation that can accompany political change. In contrast, today the changes are occurring in complete, yet peaceful, manner.”

The Rebbe saw these events, as heralding the Messianic era: when “swords will be beaten to plowshares,” and “there will be no war, envy, or competition . . . for the occupation of the entire world will be solely, to know G-d.”