Friday, May 1, 2009

The Kabbalah of Refining the Creation

A refinement processes has been going on in the world since Adam ate from the tree of knowledge. Before that point in time, good and evil were separate.

The advantage of this was, that it made it much easier to do Hashem’s will, since one could easily discern what His will is, as there is nothing opposing His will. In other words, doing good is natural.

But because of the tremendous power that the snake (the Yetzer Hora) had at that time, Adam and Chava ate from the tree. They then intermingled good (the doing of Hashem’s will), with bad (not doing Hashem will, but rather following the desires of the animal soul).

Just as the peel of an orange hides the fruit that is hidden inside, so too the Kelipah of physical objects, hides the G-dly spark that is hidden inside.
An orange peel, which is easy to remove, is compared to Kelipahs Nogah, whereas the hard shell of a nut is compared to the Three Kelipahs of Tumah.

Now, one would have to struggle to do Hashem’s will; it would not be natural, rather on the contrary, it would be a battle.
But through refining the world, Jews through free-choice, would get credit for choosing good, by following the ways of Torah.
This process of choosing to do Hashem’s will, is called the Avodah’s HaBirurim, the task of refining the world.
This means, that through separating good from evil, in every choice that a Jew makes, and the doing of Torah and Mitzvahs, he refines the world; meaning, that he reveals Hashem in everything that he does.

As a result, as time has gone on, the world has become more refined; meaning that the world has become more, and more, in tune with Hashem’s will, being the Torah.

As we see in our times, that America and other nations are charitable counties; as the Rebbe said “America is a nation of Chesed, kindness”.

This process has gone on for so long, that in our generation it has reached its culmination, as the Rebbe said, the Avodos HaBirrum is completed.
Meaning, that the refinement of the world has reached to point in time, when Atzmus of Hashem is able to be revealed.

Although evil still exists, it can now be elevated, if the latent good that is in the world, is revealed.
This is taking place daily, but we can expedite the process through all the methods that the Rebbe has told us:

Increase in Torah sturdy, increase in Hiddur Mitzvah, increase in learning Chassidus, give more Tzedakah, do Chitas, ask Hashem that the Geulah should come, live an honest life, have more children.

Spread the news about the coming of the Geula to family, friends, and anyone else, teach the non-Jews about their Mitzvahs, don’t give away land in Israel, increase Ahavas Yisroel, Jewish education of children, teach children to yearn that Hashem should reveal himself, etc.
Hashem wants us to accept Him willingly, utilizing our free-choice; Let's choose now!