Sunday, April 26, 2009

The True Greatness of Moshiach

1. We see, that there are opponents to Moshiach in general, and to the Rebbe being Moshiach in particular.

Since Moshiach’s coming will herald in the greatest period in human history, you would think, that everyone would be overjoyed to hear that this wondrous event is very close.

It makes sense, that people may not understand what is happening or can't believe it, but why would there be a movement to stop it, or to discredit it?

And even more, why would anyone be angry, and even hate those that publicize this great event?
The reason why the non-jewish world may be reticent to see a Jewish Moshiach come, is because of a fundamental misunderstanding of what Moshiach will do in the world.

Everyone assumes things according to their past experiences or frame of reference. In the case of Moshiach, they would assume, that Moshiach will be similar to the kings of old.

Who were hungry for power, made their subjects lives miserable, forced them to do their will, etc. He was the king and they were his subjects.

But a Jewish king, including king Moshiach, is totally the opposite. He in actuality, is the greatest public servant that ever lived. His whole essence, is only to help the world reach its ultimate fulfillment.

In order to be a Jewish king, one has to be extremely humble. Moshiach is a servant of G-d, and must follow every detail of Torah law, or he is no longer king.

According to Jewish law, he must always carry a Torah scroll with him wherever he goes, realizing that he is subservient to it, and not the other way around.

When he prays, whereas the average Jew bows down five times during the 19 benedictions of the silent prayer, and a Cohen bows down 38 times, a Jewish King must stay bowed the entire time!

The best definition in secular terms could be, that he is a “Benevolent Monarch”.

2. So why do some Jews hate the idea, that the Rebbe is Moshiach?

This also is a misunderstanding. Some people take personal offense when someone says that the Rebbe is Moshiach. They feel that, "If he is Moshiach, then who am I? My honor and credibility, are at stake.

If the spotlight is on Moshiach, then I will be left in the dark! If he is great, then I will be small. He is direct competition to me and what I stand for!"

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. Moshiach’s is coming to elevate everyone. He brings out their deepest, hidden potentials, and guides everyone to be the best they can be. He gives honor to all, and does not take away honor.

He will share his infinite knowledge with the greatest person, to the simplest person. Also non-Jews will share in this.

Moshiach’s job, is to be the ultimate facilitator.

Everyone should hope and pray, that he should reveal himself as soon as possible!

3. The Rebbe’s greatness, is not that he has a lot of knowledge, or is a great leader, or is the head of a world movement, or can speak for hours without notes, or can do unbelievable miracles.

The Rebbe's greatness is, that even though he is very close to G-d, yet he tears himself away from this unbelievable delight, and tries to help every human being.

His greatness, is his humility.