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Are 4 Billion People Going to Die?

According to some people, based on Nigleh (the revealed part of Torah, Chumash, Gem., etc ), they make the statement to large crowds, that before Moshiach comes, 2/3 of the world will be destroyed.

Based on this, it is an easy extrapolation in our generation to assume, that this probably means, a large nuclear war, that will kill 4 billion people.
But the Lubavitcher Rebbe has a Seicha (talk), explaining what this means.

Based on Likutei Sichos, Balak 2- Vol, 23, Pg 172-181, (1983):

Two short answers are:

In the future it will become evident (as the Rambam explains in the beginning of the Mishnah Torah), that there is no existence apart from G-d. The nations will then realize, that they have no true existence. It will be as if their previous existence, which was separate from G-d, died.

Their new existence will be so completely different from their former one, that it will be as though they are totally different people.
In another Seicha, the Rebbe explains another point:
Since many nations have an inherit nature of cruelty, in the future this nature will be transformed into kindness.

This will be similar to the transformation of cruel animals, like the lion and the wolf, that will lie in peace with the lamb.

Not that they will hold themselves back, from eating the lamb, rather their nature will be transformed, and they will no longer be cruel. Instead, they will eat straw, grass, etc.

Since this nature is so basic to their being, it will be as though they were killed; since their new nature will be completely different, from their old nature.
The Seicha more at lenght:

At the end of Parsahs Balak, chapter 24, verse17, in the last prophecy of Bilam in the Parsha, it is written: that many people will die before Moshiach comes.

In Zecharia 13, 8, it states that ; 2/3 of the world will be destroyed.

In Tehillim 117, 7, and also brought in Midrash, it states: 1/3 of the people of the world will die.

And other sources in Torah, say similar things
But the Rebbe goes on to explain:
This matter is also a matter of Halachah (Jewish law):

The Rambam, in his Halachic work the Mishnah Torah; in the last chapters of his fourteenth volume, entilted “Kings and their Battles”; contains the laws regarding Moshiach.

(His is the only work, which contains these laws).

In the next to the last section chapter 11, he Poskins (rules) that: one of the acts of Moshiach will be, to correct the world, in order that all peoples should serve Hashem in unity…

(So we see, that Moshiach’s job, is not to come and destroy the world, rather to help the world, and transform it into a better place.)
In the next chapter (12) the Rambam quotes the Prophet Yesyahu 11, 6: the wolf will lie with the lamb… and he explains, that the Jews (the Jews are compared to one sheep amongst 70 wolves), will live securely, amongst the nations of the world.

(Meaning, that the nations will not be killed).

.. And the Jews are obligated to have faith and surety, that Moshiach will bring that Geula (redemption), to the entire world, (not just to Jews).
And more than this, these laws are not just for the future, but also apply now. Relating to the law, that Jews have an ongoing obligation, to teach the nations about their Torah obligation, of following the “Seven Mitzvahs of Bnei Noach”.

(This law was not applicable in previous generations, when Jews were living under oppressive regimes.)
This is a preparation, to the coming and activities, of Moshiach himself.
As these laws of the nations in the Mishnah Torah, precede the laws of Moshiach’s revelation.
(Implying, that this will precede the revelation of Moshiach, in the world at large)

(Again showing, that the nations will not be killed. Why would we be obligated to teach them the ways of G-d, if in any case G-d would destroy them?)
Also the Halachah is, that all people that become “Chassidei Olam” (people that follow the "Seven Mitzvahs"), have a place in the world to come.

(So how could it be possible, that they will be killed?)
In previous times, when there was destruction of Jews and nations; (exp. Noah’s flood, that destroyed the entire world, and all the wars and natural disasters that killed millions of people); they were all in the time of Galus (exile), which is a time of darkness (when G-d’s mercy is not visible).

Which will not be the case, in the near future. When the merciful G-d, will be openly revealed.

(So again, how can there be the destruction of the word.)
One of the Prophesies of the future is in Tzfanya 3,9: (synopsis) in the future there will be a transformation of the nations, who will then serve G-d together in unity (and peace).

(So there is no reason to destroy the world, since it will be transformed for the good.)
The nations then, as is known, will also assist the Jews in their service to G-d, which in turn, will bring more blessing to the world.

(So we see, that all the nations and all Jews, are needed in the future, and are a part of the Geula.)
But we still have the Prophesies that say the opposite. So how can we understand these seemingly opposite prophesies?

It is understood, that when the Geula arrives there will be no place for Tuma (impurity) or evil in the world. So too relating to human beings, evil people will not exist.

After, (as is explained in many places) the evil ones will receive their punishment, (punishment in Torah is needed, to cleanse one of impurity, so that one can rise to a higher level), then the whole world will be corrected to serve one G-d.
Since (as the Rambam brings, at the very end of his book of laws) the entire world’s occupation then, will be to know G-d, and rise in levels of serving G-d.

Wars, famine, stealing etc, would hinder that occupation. So the entire world has to be in sync (peace), in order for everyone to be able to focus on G-d.

Every detail in G-d’s creation, was created for a purpose, including rocks, plants, and animals. Their creation, was not in order to be destroyed in the future, rather G-d created everything to be purified, elevated and redeemed (brought close to G-d).
When the Jews got the Torah at Mount Sinai, the laws for the nations, the "Seven Mitzvahs" (seven commandments of G-d), took on the extra power of Halacha, G-d’s will. The nations then merited to receive, their own reward for their deeds.

Which means that, their existence became essential, in carrying out G-d’s will for the creation; being to become elevated, and eventually be able to receive His great revelation, at the time of the Geula.
The first Rebbe of Lubavitch (The Alter Rebbe 1745-1812), writes in Tanya (the basic text of Chabad Chassidim), at the end of Chapter 36:

That the tremendous light of G-d that will emanate in the future, will not only shine on the Jews, but rather the whole creation will shine. (Since G-d created everything for an ultimate purpose, to become elevated.)

G-d's goal was that, all physicality would become purified.
G-d wants the world to utilize their free-choice, to willingly accept His kingship. In this manner, the world then internalizes G-d; by intellectually and emotionally understanding and feeling, that G-d is the Creator.

This is what it means, that the whole world becomes purified over time: that they themselves come to realize, that G-d runs the world.

This then makes the Geula BeShlemus, complete. Permeating all aspects of the creation. If even one aspect of the creation, does not acknowledge that G-d is its Creator, then the entire creation is lacking completion.
Now we will be able to understand according to Chassidus, what the Torah is saying when it says that, 2/3 of the world will be destroyed.

In the future it will become evident (as the Rambam explains in the beginning of the Mishnah Torah), that there is no existence apart from G-d.

The nations will then realize, that they have no true existence. It will be as if their previous existence, which was separate from G-d, died.

Their new existence will be so completely different from their former one, that it will be as though they are totally different people.
In another Seicha the Rebbe explains, another point:

Since many nations have an inherit nature of cruelty, in the future this nature will be transformed into kindness.

This will be similar to the transformation of cruel animals, like the lion and the wolf, that will lie in peace with the lamb.

Not that they will hold themselves back, from eating the lamb, rather their nature will be transformed, and they will no longer be cruel. Instead, they will eat straw, grass, etc.

Since this nature is so basic to their being, it will be as though they were killed; since their new nature will be completely different, from their old nature.

May the Geula come now!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

1901- The 100 year Prophesy of the Rebbe Rashab

On Simchas Torah in 1901, the Rebbe Rashab, the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, spoke to the students of the Lubavitcher yeshiva in Lubavitch, Russia.

The words he spoke then were a prophecy of the events relating to Judaism, that would occur for the next one hundred years. His words indicated, that the world had reached a point in its growth, that would result in major world changes.

The Rebbe Rashab told the students, what their job would be, and the obstacles that would arise, in their efforts of strengthening Judaism and bringing Moshiach.

He told these students, in the small town of Lubavitch in White Russia, that they would eventually be spread all over the world. They would teach Chassidus and Judaism, in order to prepare the world for Moshiach, and make it a fitting place for him to come.

The Rebbe Rashab said, that there would now begin, two fifty-year periods, based on the Talmud which says that, “If you see one generation following another, that engages in mockery, prepare for the coming of Moshiach."

This Talmud is based on a sentence in Psalms that states, “Your enemies will mock, the footsteps of your Moshiach."

The Rebbe Rashab explained, that there would be two types of mockery. In the first fifty-year period, there would be those that would mock Judaism in general; followed by a second fifty-year period, of those that would mock Moshiach in particular.

The duty of the Lubavicher Chassid during this first fifty-year period, was to go underground, and fight to keep Judaism alive. They were to risk their lives, establishing Yeshivas, building mikvahs, making brisim, etc..

The second fifty-year period, would begin a new era. In this era they would not be directly involved in fighting the enemies of the Torah. Rather, their obstacle would be religious people, who would not recognize the G-dliness in the Torah and Mitzvahs. Therefore, they would mock activities to bring Moshiach, being a G-dly event.

The Rebbe Rashab explained that, they will give reasons why we should not be involved in Moshiach. Some of the arguments may seem valid, but in essence they are rationalizations, based on a lack of belief in the coming of Moshiach, and have no substance.
The Rebbe Rashab went on to say, that during this second fifty-year period Moshiach would come.

It is amazing to realize, that this second fifty-year period started in 1951, the year that the Lubavicher Rebbe, accepted to become Rebbe.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How the World Has Changed

The following are examples of events that are occurring daily:

1. Looking back in history, we see that Jews were continually oppressed, religiously and physically, in each country in which they lived. Recently we have seen, that all the original rules of exile have changed.

A startling example of this is Russia, where up to a third of the entire Jewish people lived, under one of the most oppressive governments in history.

Incredible resources were used to fight Judaism and eradicate it. The most sophisticated and brutal means of the time, and a tremendous amount of manpower and money were all geared to this one goal.

Suddenly, Russia changed from oppression to freedom and to even support of Judaism. These same resources are now being used to build Judaism. They are helping to rebuild Synagogues, build Yeshivas, help Jews go to Israel, etc.

We see that the world has changed tremendously, and become a hospitable place, were Judaism can flourish. Whereas previously, the world was against Judaism, the same world today is understanding, supportive and even respectful.
For the last two thousand years of Jewish existence, these events were totally unthinkable. The rules of exile are changing, things that once were thought impossible are now commonplace.

Yet some of us have not noticed this revolutionary change. We still have an exile mentality and are living in the past. We do not realize, that we have the ability and the responsibility, to guide the world in the proper path.

2. Notwithstanding the tremendous changes in the way non-Jews relate to Jews, we still see these same countries taking an unjust attitude pertaining to Israel. These attitudes seem to be contradictory with their attitudes to Jews.

The Rebbe explains that this is consistent with the prophesies of Moshiach. Some countries will resist the coming of Moshiach, and this will express itself in the animosity towards the right of Jews over Israel.

As it says in Psalms, “Why do they create this fanfare (over the land of Israel) which is futile?”

So, not only is this not in contradiction to the world changing, it is actually another sign of the closeness of the redemption.

3. This change in the world, the Rebbe said, can be confirmed by each and every one of us. Go to any Gentile that you have a relationship with, and explain to him the seven Noahide laws.

When you see what his reaction is, you will be shocked at the results. Not only will he not be upset, but he will express gratitude that you took an interest in his welfare. He will actually feel, that he owes you a favor for what you did for him.

You, of course, are not trying to convert him, you are just informing him, of what the Torah says regarding non-Jews; which is very important for him to be aware of, before Moshiach comes.

The only problem will be, with you overcoming your previous conception of the world, and hesitating out of embarrassment to approach a non-Jew about this.

This does not mean that they will change their lives overnight, only that they will be receptive.

Just as a child may be receptive to learning, yet it does not mean, that the first time you tell him something he will do it. It’s a process, like everything else.

When we say the world is receptive to Torah and Mitzvahs, it means, that now we must begin to utilize this receptivity, and make it flourish.

It is in a state of potentiality and has to be brought out into actuality. This takes hard work, but since we know that the potential is there, we know that we will be successful.

4. We see, that from the beginning of the creation, warfare has been a fact of life. Even in the beginning when there were only four people in the entire world, Cain was fighting with Abel. This has continued for thousands of years.

In previous times, warriors and generals were considered heroes and honored. Parades were made for returning conquering armies. The goals were to conquer nations and rule the world.

Today however, warfare is considered an evil, that everyone agrees we have to eliminate. How is it ,that the attitudes of the world have changed. Did everyone get smarter all of the sudden?

The answer is, that there has been a change in the nature of people. We are witnessing a redirection of their desires and goals.

The only place where we see such an astounding change predicted is in the Torah. This is found relating to the prophecies of redemption and Moshiach.

5. We also see that the ability to acquire the objects needed to do Mitzvahs has become much easier in recent time. For example, in previous generations it was difficult, if not impossible to acquire a lulav and esrog on Succos.

Even big towns had only a total of two or three sets. Today little children get a set every year. Once one pair of tziztis in a lifetime was common. Today people buy them whenever they want. Seforim were rare and had to be shared or borrowed.

Owning an entire set of Gemoras was unheard of. Now, almost anyone who gets married automatically gets a set from his in-laws. These things are now taken for granted.

We also now have the monetary means with which to purchase these items, whereas in previous times just having enough to eat was of major concern.

6. The ability to keep kosher in America was once very difficult. To get kosher milk you had to be near a farm. You had to go to the farm and watch the cow being milked yourself. Also getting kosher chickens or meat, meant you had to buy an animal, then find a Shochet to shecht it.

After this you yourself had to kasher it by taking out the blood, soaking it, salting, etc.. Nowadays, you simply go to the local store and buy what you need.

There are hundreds of other food products, that carry a logo signifying that the product is certified to have kosher ingredients in it. There are now many koshers organizations that provide this service.

As a matter of fact, millions of non-Jews eat products every day, that have this stamp on them, because of a few thousand Jews keeping kosher.

7. When Jews originally came to America from Europe they faced many problems in adjusting to the new life style of America. One of the hardest challenges they faced, was keeping Shabbos.

Then, in the fifties the law was changed, and all of the sudden everyone was not working on Shabbos. Now if a Jew is not hired or is fired because of religious reasons, he can sue his employer in non-Jewish courts.

8. Even after the law was changed, it still seemed that certain businesses had to be open on Shabbos, such as a pharmacy, a dry cleaning store, a grocery store, etc..

Gradually, as Jews started going into these businesses, (but closed on Shabbos), it was apparent, that the business not only did not fail, but did just as wel,l as other businesses that were open on Shabbos.

9. The learning of Torah has also become much easier. As time passed the number of commentaries explaining the Gemorah continually increased.

This has very recently reached the point, where there are new commentaries in English that simplify the Gemorah tremendously.

There are now translations into many different languages, of a number of Torah books. This is in addition to the seemingly endless number of books being written, on a multitude of Torah topics.

You can also now learn on cassette tape or on the telephone. To learn Torah you don’t have to have a teacher or be at home. In the middle of your workday, in your office, you can have a class in Torah.

With computers you can research the vastness of Gemorah and responsa in a very short time.

You also have much more time to learn Torah. Once, just to have food to eat took almost all day. In our times we work forty hours a week and that is sufficient.

10. This change also manifests itself on a bodily level. We have become aware, that physical, bodily desires, are not the primary aspect of a person. People are starting to realize, that physical excess is destructive.

There used to be a philosophy, that if you give the body all it desires, then you will be happy; and if not, you will be sad and repressed. In the 60’s and 70’s there was an idea, that negativism and anger, had led to problems on a world level, and was caused by people denying their desires.

In our generation we see, that any desire that one can imagine is readily available. You would think, that with all these delights people would be tremendously happy; we should be the happiest generation. In fact, people have never been more miserable.

Today we see, that the profession of psychology is doing very well. Everybody has problems, and they are getting new ones every day.

We have a standard of living that was previously undreamed of. The things that we take for granted, could not have been imagined by previous generations, in their wildest dreams.

You would think that we, who finally have it all, would be flying. We see that is definitely not the case. Not only are we not happy, we are not healthy.

If you look at the leading causes of death today, you will find the majority are due to overindulgence. As a result, we find millions of dollars being spent, to rid oneself of various addictions.

Common harmful addictions are smoking, being overweight, alcohol, drugs, etc.. People realize, that they are hurting themselves, and are trying to find ways to stop.

In previous times, we restrained ourselves from doing many things, because we realized that in this world it may be good, but in the next world it would not be good. We had to constantly remind ourselves of the next world. This is not the case today.

Now we can see with our own eyes, that what the Torah says is not good, has negative effects. It’s not only not good in the next world, it’s not good now in this world.

We also see, that anyone who did not indulge, felt good not bad. In other words, nature is now openly giving the same message, as the Torah gives.

11. Today, when you sit down with a parent, and list the pros and cons of Yeshiva, as opposed to a public school, you reach a startling conclusion. You will see, who will have a better life physically, not only spiritually.

If they send their children to Yeshiva in many cases, they will have children whom they will get along with. They will remain married to the same person for most of their lives. They will choose to have children. They will get along with these children. They will have grandchildren that go in the right path.

If you want a home that is free of drugs, free of all the horrors of the outside world, then send your child to Yeshiva. It pays to go to Yeshiva, just to have a normal life. This becomes obvious, without discussing spiritual issues or belief.

12. Today the talent it takes to change people’s, lives is possessed by every individual. But like any talent and potential it takes effort to realize. The greatest concert pianist in the world, has to continually practice and work hard, to reveal his hidden talents.

The potential energy of goodness is much greater today, than at any point in history. One just has to do, and he will see results, that are way beyond the energy he extended. We are not doing this on our own, and it’s not only dependent on our abilities. We just have to be a catalyst, and the rest will take care of itself.

We see that people in a relatively short period of time, change their lives around totally. Today you can have a person do one act, such as putting on Tefillin, and turn their lives around.

These miraculous changes are accomplished, by ordinary people who are persistent. Today, if you dedicate yourself fully to something, you will ultimately succeed. What is needed today is action. You cannot wait for understanding and feeling. The action itself, will lead to understanding and feeling.

In previous generations, spiritual activities and the soul, had to be emphasized; more learning, studying and prayer. But now, in the times before Moshiach, the reverse is true, the physical act takes precedence.

It is explained in Chassidus, that although now the body is sustained by the soul, in the future the soul will be sustained by the body.

This is due to the higher source of the body, that will be revealed in those times. Now, through action, we can elevate even the soul.
So we see, that this process of elevating the body through action, has already begun. The power today of a physical act, is much more powerful, than ever before.

Of course, it is still absolutely necessary, to learn Torah and to pray with intention.

Some people feel that G-dliness belongs in the Synagogue and in the home. But G-d created the entire world, and wants every aspect of it elevated.

Everything has potential G-dliness, and a means for revealing it. This is why we see billboards advertising Moshiach, ads on the radio about doing Mitzvahs, TV shows, etc..

We now see, how every technological advance and invention, can be utilized for this purpose. This is the reason why science has exploded ,at such a tremendous rate in recent times.

As we get closer to the redemption, these “discoveries“ are needed, in order to reach Mankind through modern communications, and prepare them for the redemption.

The advance in medicine, etc. is also a taste of the life we will have after the redemption, when sickness will be eliminated.
We are looking at not only the signs of redemption, but we are living through the process of redemption. As the world moves closer towards Moshiach, we are supposed to move step by step with it.

As for us, we just have to open our eyes.


Has anyone ever told you, that you were to religious, closed-minded, and an extremist, or the worst of all a fanatic!

In the “modern” sophisticated world, if someone talks about G-d they are immediately labeled. It seems, that the more you believe in G-d, the more extreme you are perceived to be.

If you don’t dress like everyone else, that’s bearable, but if it is because of religious reasons, people stay away from you.

But who is really closed-minded? The real closed-minded and limited people, are the ones that can’t perceive anything beyond this physical world.

The values and ideals of society change with every generation. Each generation does not progress, just the opposite. If someone from just one or two generations ago would look at our generation, they would be shocked!

So on what basis are people making their value judgment of religious Jews? Their own value system, will not be the same in a few years.
Not long ago in the fifties, men wore hats and women wore long dresses. There was even a time,when women went to the beach wearing bathing suits,in which they were fully clothed from head to toe!

Yet society thinks it is more sophisticated now. It has the misconception,that if you are more advanced in knowledge or in science, then the more advanced you are as humans. This is not the case.

As a matter of fact, science didn’t discover anything new, it just realized at some point,that something could be used in society.

But G-d had created it since the beginning of the world. It was only “discovered”,after G-d decided that it should be discovered.

It is interesting, how strong society will express its views, yet will subtly change them in a few years. Its views are affected and manipulated: by the newspapers it reads, the TV it sees, and by what everyone else does.

Torah, on the other hand, defines man’s eternal essence. The soul of a person never changes. Torah values have never changed. In previous generations, the world actually followed many Torah ideals.

At that time, Torah values of having a family, etc., were seen as normal. Society has become extreme and narrow-minded, and not Torah.
No one ever called someone a fanatic, if he already had a million dollars, but still worked day and night to get two million.

If someone wanted to spend a year to see the world, he wasn’t seen as an extremist. If someone owns five homes, three cars etc., he is looked up to, and respected.

Yet if someone wants to grow in their Judaism, and become closer to G-d, and do more than the minimum: Pray two hours instead of one, learn Torah three hours instead of two, give ten thousand dollars to charity instead of one; he is called a fanatic!

Just the opposite is true. In the next world, one is not judged by how much they have, but by how much one doesn’t have. What one doesn’t have, is the amount one gave to Charity. Even in this world, one is going to be happier.
Someone who knows, that his essence as a human being is his soul, also knows, that Torah explains how to feed that essence.

How many times do Rabbis have someone come to them and say, “Rabbi, I have a million dollar house, a hundred thousand dollars in the bank, and I’m not happy.”

Torah Jews, instead of being old-fashioned or fanatic, are actually on the cutting edge of society. They are infinitely farther ahead of the world.

This is especially true of the Rebbe. He was always far ahead of anyone else, which made some think, that he also was an extremist.
The first one to do something new, seems different from everyone else, until they eventually catch up, and it then becomes the norm.

Avraham went against the whole world, and even his father. Jews were always different, because they held a higher standard than the world around them.

The Rebbe saw so far into the future, that some were hesitant to follow his lead. When he told us that Moshiach is here, some of us instead of jumping for joy, became embarrassed.

Even the world knows, that we are called “The light unto the nations.” We have the light, to lead the world in the path that is best for everyone. Every person is here for a reason, and the Torah tells all people, how to achieve what is best for them.

The world is fanatical, closed-mined, extremist, and lost. We, through Torah, Chassidus and Rebbe’s guidance, have all the answers. The world is still looking for the right path.

Everyone realizes, that something is missing. They keep changing presidents, and values, trying to get it right. Yet we know exactly, what has to be done.

Of course initially, there may be hesitation on the world’s part, to totally accept everything we say. That just means, that we have to explain it better.

We know as a fact, that eventually the world will not only accept Torah values and Moshiach, but will also be the main force in bringing Jews back to Torah, realizing, that this is what is best for them and the world.

May we all become fanatics!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ariel Sharon Meets the Rebbe 1968

In 1968 Ariel Sharon had a private audience with the Rebbe. They spoke about many issues.

Sharon was amazed by the Rebbe’s vast knowledge of military tactics, and his detailed knowledge of the geography of Israel.

The Rebbe knew intricate details that very few people know. Sharon himself a military leader for most of his life, felt he was speaking to a peer, if not an expert, in military affairs.
During the course of the conversation the Rebbe asked Sharon how long he was planning to stay in New York.

Sharon answered that the was taking a flight back to Israel the next day. The Rebbe said, what is the rush, he should wait another day before departing.
After Sharon left the Rebbe’s office, he felt that he had to get back to Israel, and he had nothing more to accomplish in America, so he decided that he would take his originally scheduled flight.

As he left the Rebbe’s office, there were a number of Bachorim (Yeshiva students) that were standing outside. They approached him and wanted to know what the Rebbe had said to him, being that the Rebbe’s insights were always fascinating.

Sharon mentioned a few topics that they had discussed, and also mentioned that the Rebbe had said, by the way, that he should consider leaving at a later date, which he didn’t really understand.

The Bachorim explained, that if the Rebbe suggests something, then it means that he definitely should not take that flight. Sharon thought it over and decided that he respected the Rebbe’s advice, and would put off his departure.
In the mean time, the flight that he was suppose to take on July 23rd, 1968 left the airport, but was hijacked to Algeria!

The hijackers were Arabs, obviously looking for someone, and were very disappointed when they discovered, that he wasn’t on the plane.

The G-d you don't Believe in

A Lubavitcher was being interviewed on a radio show, approximately 25 years ago.

The interviewer started by asking the Rabbi: “How could you believe in G-d in light of science, etc.”

After a long tirade by the interviewer, he finally stopped and let the Rabbi answer.

The Rabbi answered:
“The G-d you don’t believe in, I don’t believe in either!"

My Wish for G-d

The story is about an elderly European woman, who had come to America after the war while in her teens. After many years of saving her money, she finally has enough to fulfill her lifelong dream ‑‑ to go to the Holy Land.

The day finally comes when she boards the plane for Israel. All through the flight she becomes more and more excited. Then as the plane begins to land, her heart pounds with emotion, as she impatiently waits.

At last, the doors of the plane open. Finally‑ the long awaited moment has arrived.

As soon as she is out the door she runs down the ramp. Falling to her knees at the bottom she begins to cry, while hugging and kissing the ground.

After a few minutes she looks up to the sky and says:
"Aibishter (G‑d), what can I give You, what can I wish for You? Diamonds? You have all the diamonds in the entire world. Gold? The same is true. Strength? Health? You are the source of all strength and health.

What then can I do for You?

"Aibishter, there is one thing I can wish for You. Something greater than anything else."

Weeping uncontrolla­bly, she finally says, "Aibishter, I wish that You have nachas from all Your children."

May it be so.

"In G-d We Trust"

There has been a lot of discussion about the concept of the separation of church and state. There is another issue, that unfortunately at first glance is confused with this one, but is totally different.

Separation of a denomi­national religion from government is very good. But the issue of taking G‑d out of our social system, is totally different.
Our very country was founded on the awareness of a G‑d given value system. This is where our whole system of justice, and right and wrong, comes from.

There was an awareness, that there is a higher being, that we are all answerable to, and values that are to be striven for. Even our money has "In G‑d We Trust", written on it.

What happens when this solid foundation is removed? Anarchy.

If our justice system doesn't have a set standard that everything else is judged by, then there is no jus­tice. Instead of humanity being elevated by the laws of the country, that keep mankind from falling prey to its own weakness, then the justice system is feeding and protecting those very faults.

If average people are allowed to decide the laws, then we will continually be pulled down by man's selfish desires.

There should be a separation of a specific church and state, but not G‑d and state. There is a big difference.
Just as an immature child, needs rules and guidelines, so that he will mature into a responsible adult, so, too, does society. This is not an infringement on his rights, this is the minimum we expect from every person.

By removing G‑dly values, we destroy ourselves from within.
If people do not realize what it means to be human, and that this is where true happiness and fulfillment lies, what is left?

Countries have tried to form a system without G‑d. As a result they have a G‑dless system, of terrorism and oppression.

The first amendment was never intended to be used ,to pander to human foibles, and destroy the moral fabric of society. The new morality, is only the old immorality.

There has to be a standard. We now see what happens when man alone tries to set it. Only G‑d who created the human spirit knows (just as a loving father) the value‑system, for which we all need to strive, and to which we must not fall victim.
Religion is a choice, G‑d is a necessity.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Greatness of Lag Ba'Omer

The day of Lag Ba'omer, is the Hillula (elevation), of the Tanna Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai (The Rashbi for short), (around 135 C.E. - 170 C.E.)

He authored the holy Zohar, a landmark text of Jewish mysticism / Kabbalah.

On the day of his Hillula, he revealed the deepest secrets of the Kabbalah.
Why we go into the field:

On this day, it is customary for young Yeshivah stu­dents, to leave the four walls of their holy studies, and go out into to the mundane fields.

Rabbi Shimon was so great, that he could unite the deepest mystical elements of the Torah, with the limited, physical aspects of the world.

In emulation of him, children extend their holy studies in Yeshivah to include even the external field, an area seemingly beyond the realm of Torah.

Rabbi Shimon taught, that the synthesis and underlying unity of Torah and the mundane worldliness, should be expressed every day, not only once a year.

In the Era of the Redemption, the fusion between the material and the spiritual exemplified by Rabbi Shimon, will be spread throughout the world.

And through spreading the unlimited, powerful teachings of Rabbi Shimon, the coming of the Redemption can be hastened.
Every year in the Rasbi’s resting place in Meiron, Israel (near Tzfas) over 500,000 people from all walks of life, gather together to celebrate this wondrous day.
There is a source in the Kabbalah, that Moses was reincarnated as Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, in order to give this mystical level of the Torah, to the Jewish people.

The most well-known custom of Lag Ba'Omer, is the lighting of bonfires. As The Rashbi gave spiritual light to the world, with the revelation of the Zohar, so too bonfires are lit, to give physical revelation of the powerful light, of his teachings.

In the words of the Zohar, lie the secrets; whose seed will bring about the coming of Moshiach.
The Chassidic masters explain, that the final day of a righteous person's earthly life, marks the point at which "all his deeds, teachings and work", achieve their culminating perfection; and the zenith of their impact upon the world.

As the Tzadik is then unemcumbered by his limited, physical body. This allows the true greatness of his soul, to freely shine its blinding light.

So each Lag BaOmer we celebrate Rabbi Shimon's life, and the powerful revelation of the esoteric soul of Torah.

He revealed more Kabbalistic secrets on that day, than he did throughout his life.
On Lag b’Omer, the immense illumination that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai revealed, is powerfully present. It is therefore a day, when we have an extra capacity, to tap into the inner dimension of things, the soul, G-d, Torah.
Bow and arrows

One reason that some have the custom, to take bow and arrows into the field is: Rabbi Shimon's saintliness was so great, that in his merit there was no rainbow (a negative portent) during his lifetime. A rainbow is the same shape as a bow.

Another explanation is that: in order to shoot an arrow, one has to first pull back the bow. This also resembles the descent of the exile, the seeming going backwards from the high level of the time of the Beis Hamidosh.

But in reality, the descent is in order, to spring forward, like the snap of the bow, in order to propel the world forward, into the times of the Geula!


Rabbi Shimon declared, that he had seen the most elevated souls (bnei aliyah), and that they were very few. He testified, that he and his son Elazar, were two of them; and if there was only one - it was he.

He declared, that he had the power to exempt the entire world from strict judgment, from the day it was created, until his days.

The Rashbi's soul, derived from the soul of Moshe Rabbeinu, and from the soul of Moshiach.

Since the Zohar was physically introduced into the world on Lag B'Omer, its great light shines on that day. And every succeeding year, the light increases in intensity.

The Rashbi's Greatness (he wrote the Zohar)

Because of the tremendously great level of Rashbi, relative to all the other Tanaaim [sages of the Mishnaic period]; he was distinct and removed from them, in a way which is beyond comparison to them.
The Rebbe Maharash stated; that the incomparable distinction, between the rest of the Tanaaim, relative to Rashbi, was on the order of the distinction, between created beings, relative to their Creator.

(The Zohar eventually led to Chassidus being revealed.)

Don't Worry be Happy!

In A Seicha the Rebbe says in short:
Even though it looks like it is going to be bad for the Jews and Israel, because the nations want to conquer the world, and in particular Jerusalem; nevertheless, all their plans will fail.

Therefore, Jews should not be occupied with world events, because Hashem will take care of it, it is already predestined what will happen.

Jews should rather be concerned with the things that they can control, being the education of their children.

From this we see, that the Rebbe’s message is, not to be afraid, to trust in Hashem and realize, that everything that is happening in the world, is all a process that leads to the revelation of Moshiach.

And by the Jews passing this test, they help to bring Moshiach.

Don’t worry, be happy!

Publicize the Miracles- that are Taking Place Now

The Rebbe says in a Seicha, (Sefer HaSeichas Nun-Beis, page 185), “Through the recognition, and giving thanks and praise to Hashem, for the miracles that He does; this is also relevant to the coming of Moshiach Tzedkanu, in the true and complete Geula.

From this it is understood, that the publicizing of miracles that Hashem does in our times, is relevant to bringing the true and complete Geula in actuality”
The Rebbe said, that if we perceive all the miracles that are taking place now, then Hashem will make more occur.

Because when we see Hashem’s hand in the world, we bring heaven down to earth, and materialize Hashem into the world.

Every time we see Hashem in the world, we bring Him closer to staying in the world, which is the Geulah.

"Open Your Eyes"

The Rebbe said, “We need to open our eyes, and we will see that the Geulah is unfolding in front of our eyes”.

In addition to opening our eyes and getting excited about the Geula, Jews also have the power to change reality.
Interestingly enough, quantum science’s current view of the world is that, how one perceives reality, will change the reality in accordance with the person’s viewpoint.

In other words, a person through his Free-will, can change reality. It turns out, that this is pretty close to what Chassidus says.


The source of Free-choice, is in the deepest level of the soul. Therefore, when we utilize our Free-choice, we access and reveal this hidden aspect of our being. This in turn affects the creation, since it is directly connected to the soul of man.

When we "see" the Geula our mind's eye, in the daily happenings in the world, we bring the Geula closer to becoming a reality.

Therefore, when one perceives reality in a Moshiach manner, one makes the world a Moshiach world.

By bringing the Geula into the microcosm of ones self, one then affects the Geula in the macrocosm- the world at large.

If one opens ones eyes, and sees all the events in the world as leading to the Geulah, this actually helps to bring the Geulah.

Why this Generation Can Bring Moshiach

Why is it, that specifically our generation is the one that will bring Moshiach?

Previous generations included the Tanoim, Neviim, great Tzadikim, great leaders, higher Neshamahs, etc.

Whereas our generation has no leadership, and lower Neshamahs; where do we get the power to bring Moshiach?
Answer: As one level of Kelipah (shell that hides Hashem) is refined, then another lower level must be refined. Therefore, each generation goes lower, in order to elevate lower and lower Kelipahs, that are buried deep in the creation.

Jews are like miners, that have to dig through tons and tons of dirt, in order to find the diamonds (holiness) that are hidden there.

Each generation gets darker (has less of an awareness of Hashem), because each generation has to go lower and lower into physicality, and farther away from spirituality, in order to elevate the lowest aspects of the physical world.

Our generation has merited, to reach the lowest sparks, that are hidden the deepest in the creation. Through elevating these last sparks, we are able to bring Moshiach!

And only our generation has the power to do this, because our generation has been given Chassidus, which is the key to the Geula.

The Greatest Public Servant- King Moshiach

People assume things from their own frame of reference. A king in past generations meant, abuse of power. But in Torah a Jewish King is totally the opposite, he is a total servant of Hashem.

The higher the position one has in the Jewish nation, the more Bittle one has to be. Since through Bittul, one is then able to absorb the greater Kedushah (holiness), that is accessible as one gets closer to Hashem.

Bittle means, that the physical desires, needs and ego of the body, are nullified and totally in synch with the will of Hashem.
A Jewish King has to have two Sefer Torahs: one to be kept in his home, and the other one has to keep with him wherever he goes.

From this we see, that a Jewish King is more of a servant than a King; he can’t do whatever he wants, he can only do what Hashem wants.
A Jewish King reveals Sefiros HaMalchus (the quality of Kingship). As Chassidus explains, this Sefirah is totally different than all the previous Sefiros.

Whereas, the previous Sefiros have specific qualities that makes each one different from the other, Malchus, on the other hand, has no defining qualities; it has only one aspect, total Bittle (total receiving).

Through this Bittle, since it has no limitations or boundaries that definite it, it is able to reveal and transfer everything that precedes it; up to and including, in our generation, Atzmus (the essence of Hashem).
As we see, that many Tzadikim are called servant (Eved) of Hashem in the Torah. It is stated in Torah that, “Eved Melech, Melech”, a servant of a King, is a King.

Meaning to say, that through being Buttle to the King, as a result, the King shines through the person, and he also becomes a King.

In a similar manner, when Jews are Buttle to Moshiach, they also become Kings of Hashem. And so too, when the nations of the world help Torah, they also become connected to Hashem.
The average person’s body is not Buttle. His body is like a door, which blocks the the Nesahmah, whereas a Tzaddik’s body is like a window, that reveals G-dliness.

This can be compared to clear water, that is poured into a green glass, a red glass, an orange glass, etc.

Although the water is colorless, the glass distorts the color of the water; and the outside observer only sees the color of the glass.

So too, each person has their own ego that distorts the pure Torah that he absorbs.
We also see this regarding Moshe, whom the Torah states explicitly, “Moshe was the humblest (most Bittle) person on the face of the earth”. In the case of Moshiach, it is even more so.

This why we see, that the Torah is called "Torah's Moshe", it should be called Torah's Hashem. This is because Moshe was so Bittle, transparent, that the Torah and Moshe, were one.

So too Moshiach, he and Torah are one, since He has no ulterior motives or desires.

An Infinite Light, is Coming into a Finite World

The delay in the Geula is partly due to the fact, that this world has to become prepared to absorb such a high revelation, and not be destroyed in the process.

As time goes on, just as in a pregnancy, the baby cannot be born until the body is ready; so too Moshiach, he cannot be revealed, until the physical world stretches enough to be able to receive his revelation.

An infinite light, is trying to come, into a limited world.
We see the results of this now, in how nature is continually stretching: Extreme heat, earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, etc.

Also, how nations are drastically changing, including Russia, China, India, etc.
The refinement of the world has been a continual process, since Adam and Chava mixed together good and evil, when they ate from the "Tree of Knowledge").

Every time a person chose to do good and do a Mitzvah, learn Torah, and had Mesiras Nefesh (self-sacrifice), etc., it refined the world (separated good from bad).
After thousands of years of this process, the world now in much more refined (in line with Torah and Hashem) than ever before.

An example being, that in past history the Roman Empire lasted one thousand years, but now in our times, the Russian empire only lasted only seventy years; due to the more refined world we live in.

By us now increasing in Torah, Mitvahs, and especially through learning Chassidus, and demanding of Hashem that He bring the Geula, we speed up the process of birth, so that the world will have stretched enough to accept this awesome revelation.

The Refining of the Creation

The physical world deteriorates, because of the Chet of the Etz Hadas, the sin of Adam, and the golden calf, etc.

Sin disconnects one from Hashem; and since all life comes from Hashem, this disconnection results, in a lessening of the life of Hashem into the person, and into the world at large.

Adam was supposed to have lived forever, but because of his sin, his life-span was shortened to nine-hundred and thirty years. And because of the continual sinning of every generation after Adam, the life-span was continually shortened.

This continued until after the sin of the golden calf, when the life-span became much shorter (my example).

One or two generations ago, people lived only forty or fifty years, but in our times people live seventy or eighty years.

We see, that as we get closer to the revelation of Moshiach, people’s life span has continually increased; until now it is becoming more and more common for people to live over one hundred years.

And scientists are now researching methods that they say, may be able to help people live much, much longer.

This is because, as time goes on the world becomes more refined. Meaning, that it becomes more and more reconnected with Hashem, the source of life; and the coarseness that was brought to world by the sin has been gradually removed.

Galus can be compared to a radio. If a radio (the creation) is not plugged into its source (Hashem), then it just a worthless piece of plastic (it deteriorates); but on the other hand, when it is plugged into its source, it becomes alive.

The Uniqueness of our Generation

The Zohar explains, that in previous generations, in order to have eternal life, the people of the generation would all have to die for a moment, and then come back to life with a new eternal body.

Because, a body that was formed from another limited physical body, cannot live forever.

Chassidus explains, that when something has to change dramatically the order is: Yesh, Ayin, Yesh; Something (the object), Nothing (it temporarily disappears), Something new (is created).

But, because in our generation, the physical body has already been refined in an eternal way, there is now no need for this break in the middle, rather we can go directly into Chaim Netzchis (Eternal Life).

(For those people that will be living, at the time of Moshiachs' revelation.)

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The Vilna Goan: Reincarnation

The Vilna Gaon writes (Commentary on Jonah):

“The main thing [to keep in mind, is that the purpose of reincarnation], is to affect the repair of a [negative] influence, originating in a previous lifetime...

[One way] to discern exactly what that negative influence is, is to reflect upon the type of wrong your soul yearns after the most, in this lifetime. That which you yearn after most, is likely something you became habituated to in a previous life.

And therefore pay attention to your vices. [They tell you exactly what you have to work on in this lifetime.] ...The main thing is, to repair that which one stumbled in in a previous [life] ...

That’s why some people are drawn after one type of sin, more than another. And that’s also why our Sages say, that one must continually judge himself, and weigh his actions..."

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: Reincarnation:

Igros Kodesh (Letters) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, (Vol 5, Letter 1257):

You tell me you are giving the proper amount of Tzedakah. However, your shalom bayis (peace in the home) situation, needs great improvement.

The fact that you are having great difficulties in this area is a sign, that this Mitzvah has not been completed in your previous life.

The holy Arizal teaches us, that most souls living in a body, have been here before. The reason they come back again, is to fulfill those Mitzvahs, that they did not do properly the first time around.

Those Mitzvahs that they did complete in their previous lifetime, do not require any more refinement, and therefore their observance is easy.

However, those Mitzvahs that one did not complete in his previous lifetime, are the ones most difficult to do. The Yetzer Hara targets these non-completed Mitzvahs, as the ones to oppose most.
The fact that the issue of Shalom Bayis is so difficult for you proves, that it is a Mitzvah which needs fulfillment. In your past lifetime, you did not refine this Mitzvah, now is your opportunity.

The AriZal- Story of Reincarnation

(Shivchei Ha-Ari, 16th century)

It once happened in Safed, that a disciple of the Holy Ari, had to go on a long journey. Before departing, he came to his teacher for a letter of recommendation. The Ari wrote it for him, then blessed him and said, "May G-d be with you, and may you go in peace".

The disciple then asked "Master, can you tell me anything about what will happen when I get there?"

"You will marry a beautiful woman" the Ari replied. "And she is your destined soul-mate for this life. But after you have been happily married for only six months, she will suddenly die.
And here is the reason: In another incarnation, this woman was a man, and you were also a man then. He was your dearest friend, but he also caused you some legal trouble for six months.

Finally, he brought a lawsuit against you in the civil courts, which caused you to lose 600 gold coins, even though you were innocent of his charges.

"Now" continued the Ari, "this friend from another life, is once again reincarnated - as the woman you will marry on your journey. His soul has come to make atonement for his sins against you.

For the six months of trouble that he caused in that life, you will have six months of happiness in this life.

The inheritance you will receive when she dies, is to repay you for the 600 gold pieces you lost in the past life.

But even though you know this, you should be kind and patient to this woman, and grant her forgiveness for the trouble she caused you in the previous life.

"Everything happened exactly, as the Holy Ari said it would.

The AriZal: The Advantage of this World Over the Next World

The souls of Tzadikim,” he explained, “receive greater satisfaction from being in this physical world, than by being in Gan Eden.

Here the soul can serve the Almighty on the lowest physical plane, through performing Mitzvoth and good deeds; which brings far greater benefit to this world; and is far more pleasurable to the soul, than being in Gan Eden.

(Ex. For this world contains the Essence of Hashem. Whereas Gan Eden only contains a ray of G-dliness.)

When Moshiach arrives, and G-dliness will be seen and felt, by even the most common man; we will yearn for the former days, when we were able to serve the Almighty on the lowest level, of the physical.”

The Arizal: Why suffering in this World

The ARI teaches, that various judgments (Sufferings) are not intended as punishments, so much as they are meant, to cleanse a person from sin.

Thus, Gehennom - and reincarnation (when it is imposed) - are means, by which one's sins are purged; (allowing one then to ascend to a higher level in Gan Eden).

Death, too, is an integral part of this cleansing process.

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The Greatness of the AriZal (The "Father" of Kabbalah)

The Ari

Time-line of Chabad Chassidus: Adam Harishon, The Rasbi, The AriZal, The Baal Shem Tov, The Alter Rebbe; 7 Rebbeim, until the Rebbe.


(Source- The AriZal, Art Scroll youth series, Mesorah Publications, 1988.)

The disciples of the Ari, who were in constant contact with him, realized, that what they saw, was only the tip of the iceberg of his greatness.

Chaim Vital, who was his close disciple, wrote about him, in his introduction to his famous work Etz Chaim, which contains his teacher’s teachings.

He wrote the following: “I would not relate something of his ways and wonders, which my eyes witnessed. Which no one has seen in the world, since the time of the Tannaim, like the Rashbi and his companions.”
From the time of the Rashbi until the Ravid, this knowledge was transmitted only by word of mouth. Eliyahu revealed himself to only select scholars, until the time of the Ramban.

From that time, until my master the Ari, there was no one who could grasp this knowledge, properly.
The Ari knew Mishnah, Talmud, Aggados and Midrashim; in all the various approaches of Pardas. Including the mystical one, called Maaseh Bereishis; (which is the workings of the universe); and Maaseh Merkavah (mystical speculations on the G-dly chariot).

He also knew the language of the birds, the trees and the grasses. And even of inanimate things, such as stones, flames, and also angels.

He conversed with spirits of the past, who had been reborn, both good and evil.

He knew where people’s souls had come from.

He was also able to determine secrets, just by the smell of garments.

He could see souls leaving the body in a cemetery; and going to Gan Eden every Friday afternoon.

He was able to speak to the souls of the departed Tzaddikim, residing in the next world. They confided the secrets of their world to him.

He was able to read faces and palms.

He could interpret dreams, just by looking at a person’s forehead.

He was able to know ones thoughts and dreams.

He taught the meaning of the origins of souls; and read upon a person’s forehead, all his merits and sins.

He was able to find the specific Tikkun (correction needed for ones soul) for each individual, in accordance with his nature and the origin of ones soul.

Nothing was concealed from the Ari.


The son of Rabbi Yosef Karo (The Beis Yosef), married the daughter of the AriZal.

Rabbi Yosef Karo: Truly the Ari knows more than an angel! He must have the soul of a Navi (Prophet), for even the Tannaim (sages from the Talmud) could not have expressed what he did.

Story: Understanding the Greatness of a Tzaddik

In 1777 Rebbe Menachem Mendel, along with disciple Rebbe Avraham, and 300 followers; emigrated to the Land of Israel, settling in Tzfas.

In 1783 they left Tzfas and moved to Tiveria. Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk, a student of the Baal Shem Tov, explained why he left Tzfas, and moved to nearby Tiberias:

"The air in Tzfas is very pure, and at night I could hear the angels calling out from heaven, for the world to do Teshuva.
It disturbed my sleep so much, that I had to leave."

1. Rebbe Schneur Zalman (about Rav Menachem Mendel): "I once saw him when he was giving audience, and I realized that everything that the person seeking his council, had done in his life was known to him."

2. Rebbe Schneur Zalman continued: "I then realized, that not only could he see all his actions in this present lifetime; but he also was aware of all of the person’s previous incarnations, since the six days of Creation."

3. Finally, Rebbe Schneur Zalman said: "In the end I realized, that not only could he see his past actions, and past incarnations; but he could also see everything that this soul was destined for in the future, until the coming of the Moshiach and after..."

Torah Codes- The Future?

Disclaimer: We don't know how its going to happen, as Teshuvah and the Rebbe can always change things, but it is certain, that Hashem now wants the Jews to leave Galus (exile from Hashem).

Hashem wants Moshiach now, and he will force the world to want the Geula (the revelation of G-d in the world).

The Rebbe said, that we should open our eyes- people don't realize, that changes in the weather, are not due to el nino or the greenhouse effect.
Torah Codes help us realize, the scale of events that can happen, in order to force us to spread the knowledge of G-d in the world and also spread the Besuras Hageula (good news of the world's transformation), before things get really out of control.

When we see world events taking place, we should automatically see the hand of G-d!

When we see that these events do not take place, we should also realize, that this in and of itself is a miracle.

That due to the kindness of Hashem, even greater tragedies may have been programmed to occur but didn't.
Thank G-d!

[Ed. Note: The Previous Rebbe says that, an entire country may be inundated, causing tremendous political changes in the world.

To paraphrase: The Previous Rebbe seems to imply, that G-d wants the world to realize, that He runs the world, and not the force called nature. But simultaneously, he wants man to have free-choice.

Just as in Egypt, G-d causes tremendous weather changes (10 plagues); that eventually become so unnatural, that everyone realized that it was the hand of G-d.]
The Codes

As in the days of Noah, people were warned of the upcoming flood, but they laughed and turned a deaf ear, only to find out it was true; and all the inhabitants of the earth were killed; according to The Book of Genesis.

Michael Drosnin who has been an investigative reporter with The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, has wrote a book from a reporter's point of view.

In "The Bible Code", Michael Drosnin states with certainty, that there is a code in the Bible, and that in a few dramatic cases, exactly foretold the assignations of Anwar Sadat, John & Robert Kennedy, and Israeli Prime Minister Yizthak Rabin.

And other events as The Gulf War, and the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing.

Michael Drosnin used two different computer programs, both written by a Israel mathematician, who first found the code.

A large portion of his book is devoted to the possibilities, of Armageddon, and the Apocalypse.

The Bible Code, may in fact have been designed, to be found now.
The code was discovered by Dr. Eliya Rips, one of the world's leading experts in group theory, a field of mathematics that underlies quantum physics.

Other events foretold in this code were, World War II, the Hiroshima bombing, the landing of man on the Moon, and even the meteor that collided with Jupiter in July, 1994.

Rips stated, that the first hint of the code was found 50 years earlier, by a Czechoslovakia Rabbi named Weissmanndel. H.M.D Weissmanndel noticed, that if he skipped 50 letters, then skipped another 50 letters;

The first modern scientist Sir Isaac Newton, who first discovered the mechanics of our solar system and gravity, was certain, that there was a hidden code in the Bible, that would reveal the future.

He learned Hebrew, and spent halve his life trying to find it.
Newton was still searching for the code, when he died.
Rips stated, that there is a Bible, beneath the Bible. The Bible is not only a book, but a computer program.

"I am persuaded only, that no human could have encoded the Bible in this way, and that we do have proof, that some intelligence outside our own, does exist.

Rips stated, "The Bible must have been encoded, all at once, by one mind.

But the code does not exist simply, to announce there is a code. The Bible was encoded, to sound a warning. Drosnin said, "It's a warning, not a prediction."

There is no way to know, if the code can predict the distant future.
Drosnin also points out, that sometimes the code predicts events accurately, but does not predict the accurate date.

Time is not predetermined. People have freedom of choice. There are simply a number of possible futures, and not one definite one. But each of them, can be found within the Bible code.

This means that the times of events, even of the apocalypse can be delayed, or changed. The code can be thought of more as a warning, than a simple prediction of what will happen.

The word “delay” is frequently encoded in the bible, with important events. Whenever "end of days" appears in the text of the Bible, the word delay is encoded.

(ED. According to Jewish law, a bad prediction even by a prophet, can always be changed, through the good deeds of people- Teshuvah in Hebrew.)
The Vilna Gaon, a prominent 18th century Rabbi (Elijah Solomon) wrote; "All that was, is, and will be until the end of time, is included in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible."

The Ramban, Rabbi Moses Ben Nachman, stated: The whole of the history of Israel, is contained within The Song of Moses.

Rips said: It is clear, that we are in the end times.

The plain words predict, that The Final Battle will begin, with an attack on the Holy City, Jerusalem, and finally engulf the entire world.

Based on the codes: in 1996 a plague of Biblical proportions, was almost been unleashed on Japan; and what might have happened, was encoded in the Bible.
In every vision of the Apocalypse, the final blow is a massive earthquake.

Drosnin says that in the Bible Code it warns us, that a series of quakes around the world will occur. Three years in code are clearly encoded with "great terror": 2000, 2014, 2113.

The United States, China, Japan, and Israel, are all encoded with "great earthquake" in the near future.

L.A. Calif. is encoded with "great earthquake". The U.S. Geological Survey in 1995 stated, that there is a 80 to 90% probability of a magnitude 7+ quake within Southern California, before 2024.

Drosnin stated, it is only a probability, but the code seems to predict, that the big earthquake will hit California in 2010.

A Great earthquake, is encoded with China.

But the one country most likely in danger is Japan, according to the Bible Code.
Jerusalem, is clearly encoded in the Bible, as the target of the predicted nuclear attack, or "World War."

"Terrorism" is also encoded with "World War."

Syria, which according to the code, will have a major role in the final world war.

Russia, China and the USA, also appear with the words World War.

The nations of Iran and Libya: The text of the bible, and the code within it, seem to work together, predicting a huge destructive battle (World War III), that will begin with a battle between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations.
He also predicts a massive earthquake, to bring on the Apocalypse. The destruction of the world by earthquake, is frequently foretold in the plain text of the Bible.

The code seems to predict a series of "great earthquakes" in the years, 2014, and 2113.

Japan is the country most clearly encoded with a great earthquake. It and Israel, are repeatedly stated, to be in great danger.

But it is possible, that the disaster that strikes Japan, that affects the world, is actually an "economic collapse"
Another possibility- for the way the end will play out- which is encoded in the bible, is the collision of an asteroid with the earth.

The year 2010 appears with "comet", "days of horror", "darkness", and "gloom." And the year 2012, is encoded right below "earth annihilated."

Economic collapse is encoded between exodus 20:9 and deuteronomy 11:6.

Exodus contains year of the plague.

2010 is another year encoded with comet; and days of horror cross 2010; darkness and gloom, cross comet.

The year 2012 also appears with comet, again in Deuteronomy; also: it will be crumbled, I will tear it to pieces, and earth annihilated.

The prediction of another comet due in 2012 A.D., which is expected to crumble into pieces, or “annihilate” the Earth.

In every vision of the Apocalypse, the final blow is a massive earthquake.

Two future years are clearly encoded with “the great terror”: 2014, and 2113. The latter year 2113, is the best match.