Monday, April 27, 2009

From an Autistic Girl

The entire purpose of life, is to develop a personal relationship with G-d. But our pride and self image, get in the way, and keep us far from G-d.

Jewish affluence produces confidence, that will be short lived.
When you trim away the extravagance, you end up back with G-d, Who is the purpose of life.

The world over, too many Jews, even the observant ones, lead lives based on materialism, the quest for honor, position and power. This causes tremendous damage to the spirit, creating jealousy and hatred.
Worldwide, the planet is changing quickly, and our feelings of security are being undermined.

All this is being done by G-d, to wake us up, and give us the chance to reconsider our paths in life; and make the changes needed to connect back to G-d, and a more meaningful way of life.

We have been relying on our governments and our armies, to save us from our planetary problems. They will try, but in the end all will see, it was G-d's world to begin with; and events will go G-d's way in the end.

Will you trust the armies, or trust G-d, and change your life accordingly?

G-d wants us to cut back, on our materialistic links to this world, and to admit, that we live through G-d's grace only.
This world is not a place of random events, taking us to some unknown end, but rather, we are being taken on a journey, very deliberate "story" is unfolding.

Time takes us closer to a very clear end: the Messianic era, the perfected work community, and Olam HaBah (the world to come).

Those people with a strong and certain G-d-connection, will survive the journey best.
Each country, is waiting to go to war with the other.

According to the prophecies, many lands will disappear from the world, and many lands will be greatly harmed. Also, there will be lands, that will not be damaged.

One thing is clear: The righteous Tzaddikim amongst us, will not feel unease in the situation — just the opposite, they will rejoice; for finally Truth will endure, and that it is worth everything.

The end is very near, and even though your business seems to go on as usual, and your vacations aren't postponed, and your extravagant simchas (happy events) are continuing, even though it seems like everything is going on as usual; - the truth is, that it will all burst.
But it won't be very long, until your reality will be very, very different.

HaKadosh Baruch Hu (The Holy One, blessed be He), is destroying the lie, the false world we've been living in; the excessive, decadent gashmius (reliance on physical things for pleasure and security), that has become our G-d.

G-d is destroying the false beliefs, that security lies in the army, social security, the great insurance companies, a steady job, and a big bank account.

G-d is systematically destroying all of our illusions; and He has only just begun. This great war against the Yetzer HaRah (the lowest of human/animal impulses), the lie, has become evident to many.

There are still, (what could be called) lulls, in this dangerous situation; but know, that these breaks are only to allow the Jewish nation, to do Teshuva.
The world of lies, is dying - and a world of Complete Truth, is being born. The world will change completely. Whoever is not clinging to G-d, will not be able to survive this transition.

To quote the Talmud Yevomos 63a: "Misfortune comes to the world, only for Yisroel", in order to send a wake-up call)