Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Torah Codes- the Future?

Disclaimer: Torah Codes help us realize, the scale of events that can happen, in order to force us to spread the besuras hageula, before things get really out of control.

When we see world events taking place, we should automatically see the hand of G-d!

When we see that these events do not take place, we should thank G-d , that this in and of itself is a miracle. That due to the kindness of Hashem, even greater tragedies were programmed to occur but didn't.
Thank G-d!

[Ed. Note: Based on the words of the Previous Rebbe (attached), where he says that an entire country may be inundated, causing tremendous political changes in the world.

To paraphrase: The Previous Rebbe seems to imply, that G-d wants the world to realize that He runs the world, and not the force called nature. But simultaneously, he wants man to have free-choice. As a result, just as in Egypt G-d causes tremendous weather changes, that eventually become so unnatural that everyone realizes that it is the hand of G-d.]
As in the days of Noah, people were warned of the upcoming flood, but they laughed and turned a deaf ear, only to find out it was true; and all the inhabitants of the earth were killed; according to The Book of Genesis.

Michael Drosnin who has been an investigative reporter with The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, has wrote a book from a reporter's point of view.

"The Bible Code". Michael Drosnin states with certainty, that there is a code in the Bible, that in a few dramatic cases exactly foretold the assignations of Anwar Sadat, John & Robert Kennedy, Israel Prime MinisterYizthak Rabin.

And other events as The Gulf War, and the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing. Michael Drosnin used two different computer programs, both written by a Israel mathematician, who first found the code.

A large portion of his book is devoted to the possibilities, of Armageddon, and the Apocalypse.

The Bible Code, may in fact have been designed, to be found now.
The code was discovered by Dr. Eliya Rips, one of the world's leading experts in group theory, a field of mathematics that underlies quantum physics.

Other events foretold in this code were, World War II, the Hiroshima bombing, the landing of man on the Moon, and even the meteor that collided with Jupiter in July, 1994.

Rips stated, that the first hint of the code was founded 50 years earlier by a Czechoslovakia Rabbi named Weissmanndel. H.M.D Weissmanndel noticed, that if he skipped 50 letters, then skipped another 50 letters;

The first modern scientist Sir Isaac Newton, who first discovered the mechanics of our solar system and gravity, was certain that there was a hidden code in the Bible, that would reveal the future.

He learned Hebrew and spent halve his life trying to find it.
Newton was still searching for the code when he died.
Rips stated, that there is a Bible, beneath the Bible. The Bible is not only a book, but a computer program.

"I am persuaded only, that no human could have encoded the Bible in this way, and that we do have proof, that some intelligence outside our own, does exist; or least existed at the time the Bible was written," stated Rips.

Rips stated, "The Bible must have been encoded, all at once, by one mind.

But the code does not exist simply to announce there is a code. The Bible was encoded, to sound a warning. Drosnin said, "It's a warning, not a prediction."

There is no way to know, if the code can predict the distant future.
Drosnin also points out, that sometimes the code predicts events accurately, but does not predict the accurate date.
Time is not predetermined.

People have freedom of choice. There are simply a number of possible futures, and not one definite one. But each of them can be found within the Bible code.

This means that the times of events, even of the apocalypse can be delayed, or changed. The code can be thought of more as a warning than a simple prediction of what will happen.

The word “delay” is frequently encoded in the bible, with important events. Whenever "end of days" appears in the text of the Bible, the word delay is encoded.

(ED. According to Jewish law, a bad prediction even by a prophet, can always be changed, through the good deeds of people- Teshuvah in Hebrew.)
The Vilna Gaon, a prominent 18th century Rabbi (Elijah Solomon) wrote; "All that was, is, and will be until the end of time, is included in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible."

The Ramban, Rabbi Moses Ben Nachman, claimed: that the whole of the history of Israel, was contained within The Song of Moses.

Rips said: It is clear, that we are in the end times.

The plain words predict, that The Final Battle will begin, with an attack on the Holy City, Jerusalem, and finally engulf the entire world.

Based on the codes: in 1996 a plague of Biblical proportions, was almost been unleashed on Japan; and what might have happened, was encoded in the Bible.
In every vision of the Apocalypse, the final blow is a massive earthquake.

Drosnin says that in the Bible Code it warns us, that a series of quakes around the world will occur. Three years in code are clearly encoded with "great terror": 2000, 2014, 2113.

The United States, China, Japan, and Israel, are all encoded with "great earthquake" in the near future.

L.A. Calif. is encoded with "great earthquake". The U.S. Geological Survey in 1995 stated, that there is a 80 to 90% probability of a magnitude 7+ quake within Southern California, before 2024.

Drosnin stated, it is only a probability, but the code seems to predict, that the big earthquake will hit California in 2010.

A Great earthquake, is encoded with China.

But the one country most likely in danger is Japan, according to the Bible Code.
Jerusalem, is clearly encoded in the Bible, as the target of the predicted nuclear attack, or "World War."

"Terrorism" is also encoded with "World War."

Syria, which according to the code, will have a major role in the final world war.

Russia, China and the USA, also appear with the words World War.

The nations of Iran and Libya: The text of the bible, and the code within in seem to work together predicting a huge destructive battle (World War III), that will begin with a battle between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations.
He also predicts a massive earthquake to bring on the Apocalypse.

The destruction of the world by earthquake, is frequently foretold in the plain text of the Bible.

The code seems to predict a series of "great earthquakes" in the years, 2014, and 2113.

Japan is the country most clearly encoded with a great earthquake. It and Israel, are repeatedly stated, to be in great danger.

But it is possible, that the disaster that strikes Japan, that affects the world, is actually an "economic collapse"
Another possibility- for the way the end will play out- which is encoded in the bible, is the collision of an asteroid with the earth.

The year 2010 appears with "comet", "days of horror", "darkness", and "gloom." And the year 2012, is encoded right below "earth annihilated."

Economic collapse encoded between exodus 20:9 and deuteronomy 11:6.

Exodus contains year of the plague

2010 is another year encoded with comet, and days of horror cross 2010, darkness and gloom cross comet.

28] The year 2012 also appears with comet, again in Deuteronomy; also: it will be crumbled, I will tear it to pieces, and earth annihilated.

The prediction of another comet due in 2012 A.D., which is expected to crumble into pieces, or “annihilate” the EarthIn every vision of the Apocalypse, the final blow is a massive earthquake.

Two future years are clearly encoded with “the great terror”: 2014, and 2113. The latter year 2113, is the best match.