Monday, May 11, 2009

"Open Your Eyes"

The Rebbe said, “We need to open our eyes, and we will see that the Geulah is unfolding in front of our eyes”.

In addition to opening our eyes and getting excited about the Geula, Jews also have the power to change reality.
Interestingly enough, quantum science’s current view of the world is that, how one perceives reality, will change the reality in accordance with the person’s viewpoint.

In other words, a person through his Free-will, can change reality. It turns out, that this is pretty close to what Chassidus says.


The source of Free-choice, is in the deepest level of the soul. Therefore, when we utilize our Free-choice, we access and reveal this hidden aspect of our being. This in turn affects the creation, since it is directly connected to the soul of man.

When we "see" the Geula our mind's eye, in the daily happenings in the world, we bring the Geula closer to becoming a reality.

Therefore, when one perceives reality in a Moshiach manner, one makes the world a Moshiach world.

By bringing the Geula into the microcosm of ones self, one then affects the Geula in the macrocosm- the world at large.

If one opens ones eyes, and sees all the events in the world as leading to the Geulah, this actually helps to bring the Geulah.